A Sovereign In My Pocket

The Story of Archibald Greves by Adam Cutforth.

The Book’s Author asked Ultragraphics to design the publication. This included complicated typography and laying the publication out in two languages on facing pages.

Many of the original images were badly damaged and subsequently repaired in Photoshop.


Client Details

Client: Adam Cutforth

Category: Graphic Design, Photo restoration, Publication Design

Date: 2005

Cover Spread

The design features a montage of images and a render of the repaired portrait photo.

Original Collateral

Many of the publication’s images were scans of 2nd generation prints made by Greves who photographed the original photos pinned to a board. Several were on glass slides. Others were scanned from traditional prints. Each was painstakingly repaired and recoloured/tinted.

Finished Page Layouts

The result was a Museum style presentation.

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